Headless CMS and API backbone of your content

Made to be simple, cost-effective and multi purposed


Visually author changes to API

File uploader and inbuilt editors

Navigate entire content hierarchy


Multi-purpose API

Simple and consumerable JSON

Rapidly integrate with apps/services


Quickly build multiple sites

Responsive SPA with SSR

SEO optimized

About Omni-CMS

Omni-CMS is an API first CMS setting the foundation of your content to build present and future applications. We keep the complexity of the data model as simple and low cost as possible while still giving you the power to repurpose your content with ease.

The Omni-Admin panel makes it easy to push changes to Omni-API and build an Omni-Site. Users are however not limited to this. The Omni-API fuels an infinite range of applications whether that is serving a file for a website or entire app.

Who is Omni-CMS for?

Omni-CMS is for entities wishing to...
  • quickly launch an SPA site
  • build an app without worrying about building an API
  • have their content integrated to multiple platforms
  • easily push changes to the API
  • be more future proof
Omni-CMS diagram